Language of Description: Danish
Language of Description: Polish
  1. Ministry of Social Affairs

    • Kontoret for Offentlig Forsog
    • Office of Public Social Welfare
    • Rigsarkivet
    • 2. Kontor
    • Danish, English
    • 5 parcels

    Handled the relief aid to deported Danes in Germany (emergency food parcels, etc.). The information is found in special records in the Journals Files. The information are found in special records in the Journal Files: - File no. 820: Internees. - File no. 850: Communists. - File no. 880: Jews, political prisoners.

  2. Danish Red Cross

    • Rigsarkivet
    • Dansk Røde Kors
    • Danish, English
    • 1939-1955
    • 42 parcels
  3. The Danish Brigade in Sweden (DANFORCE), The command

    • Rigsarkivet
    • Den Danske Brigade i Sverige, Kommandoen
    • Danish, English
    • 1943
    • 119 parcels

    Concerns the Danish police force which was established in Sweden from 1943. It consisted mainly of escaped resistance fighters

  4. The Danish Refugee Administration in Sweden

    • Rigsarkivet
    • Den Danske Flygtningeadministration i Sverige
    • Danish, English
    • 782 parcels

    The General Department handled the assistance to refugees who were not in work and not stayed in barracks/ garrison: clothing assistance, lodging, maintenance, social assistance for elderly, mothers with children, pregnant women, medical and dental assistance, help in illness, death, help to the Danish Brigade personnel and its families. Legal assistance was transferred to the Refugee Office Secretariat.

  5. Frederiksberg Police

    • Rigsarkivet
    • Frederiksberg Politi
    • Danish, English
    • 1945-1950
    • 185 parcels

    Contains lawsuits brought against Danes in German service. Includes also files other than treason proceedings.

  6. Frode A. Toft, Private Archive

    • Rigsarkivet
    • Frode A. Toft, Privat arkiv
    • Danish, English
    • 1930-1980
    • 7 parcels
  7. Copenhagen County North Birks (Court) Police

    • Rigsarkivet
    • Københavns Amts Nordre Birks Politi
    • Danish, English
    • 1945-1953
    • 37 parcels

    Contains lawsuits brought against Danes in German service.

  8. Copenhagen County Southern Birks (Court) Police

    • Rigsarkivet
    • Københavns Amts Søndre Birks Politi
    • Danish, English
    • 1945-1951
    • 68 parcels

    Contains lawsuits brought against Danes in German service.

  9. Copenhagen City Court

    • Rigsarkivet
    • Københavns Byret
    • Danish, English
    • 1945-1960
    • 915 parcels

    Copenhagen City Court, 21. to 25. Department of the legal proceedings after the war Contains the majority of the lawsuits brought against the Danes in German service, as well as to senior German officials

  10. Board of Health Reviews in Official employments (civil servants)

    • Rigsarkivet
    • Nævnet for Helbredsbedømmelser i Tjenestemandssager
    • Danish, English
    • 1947-1981
    • 11 parcels
  11. The Police Intelligence Service

    • Rigsarkivet
    • Politiets Efterretningstjeneste
    • Danish, English
    • 1945-1950
    • 691 parcels
  12. The Prosecutor General

    • Rigsarkivet
    • Rigsadvokaten
    • Danish, English
    • 1945-1952
    • 143 parcels

    Investigations on whether there should be raised charges against Danes who had worked for the Germans. Files of individuals.

  13. Commissioner of Police, The search service

    • Rigsarkivet
    • Rigspolitichefen, Eftersøgningstjenesten
    • Danish, English
    • 2 parcels
  14. The Danish National Police

    • Rigsarkivet
    • Rigspolitiet
    • Danish, English
    • 1941-1945
    • 13 parcels

    Contains (possibly) information of the investigation of the illegal escape routes across the Sound (Øresund – between Denmark and Sweden)

  15. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Stockholm

    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Stockholm, diplomatic representation, The legation refugee office
    • Rigsarkivet
    • Udenrigsministeriet Stockholm
    • Danish, English
    • 45 parcels

    Concerns Danish refugees in Sweden - both resistance fighters and Jews. The name index is used as the entrance to the files.

  16. Akta miasta Częstochowy

    • Files of the city of Częstochowa

    Księga miejska Częstochowy z lat 1759-1765, sygn. 1. I. Magistrat Miasta Częstochowy, w tym: Wydział Administracyjny z lat 1804-1867, sygn. 2-65, w tym: regulacja miasta, połączenie Starej i Nowej Częstochowy, dzierżawa parceli i dochodów miejskich, pożyczki budowlane, notowania cen, protokoły posiedzeń Rady Miejskiej; Wydział Skarbowy z lat 1827-1867, sygn. 66-197, w tym: spisy inwentarzy po zmarłych, opieka nad nieletnimi, ściąganie należności skarbowych, sprawy hipoteczne; Wydział Wojskowy z lat 1847-1854, sygn. 198-199, w tym: urządzenia wojskowe, składki kwaterunkowe; Wydział Policyjny...

  17. Naczelne Prezydium Prowincji Górnośląskiej w Opolu

    • Oberpräsidium der Provinz Oberschlesien Oppeln
    • Supreme Presidium of the Province of Upper Silesia

    I Sprawy ogólno-organizacyjne: organizacja wewnętrzna prowincji, obsada stanowisk, wizytacje władz nadrzędnych, stosunki polsko-niemieckie, umowy graniczne, referendum, wybory do parlamentu i władz komunalnych 1920-1937 (56 j.a.), II Sprawy polityczne: ogólne, konsularne, urzędy ds.mniejszości narodowych, ruch polski na Górnym Śląsku, dwujęzyczność w urzędach i instytucjach, napady na Niemców, napady na Polaków, szkoły niemieckie na Górnym Śląsku, szkoły polskie w Niemczech, niemieckie związki w Poznaniu i na Pomorzu, sprawy autonomii, sprawy dotyczace Polski, organizacje i związki, sprawy ...

  18. Akta miasta Rzeszowa

    • Files of the town of Rzeszów

    The collection contains i.a. items including German bills and public announcements; information on the establishment of the ghetto and forced labour for Jews; confiscations of property and its administration; death sentences; lists of deceased Jews for the years 1935-1942; an incomplete list of the Jews of Mielec (1941); lists of licences issued and tribute payments by residents in the years 1941-1943; registers of houses and lists of names of the tenants of various real properties; records of personal identity documents issued; alphabetical card files on population movements ; and the orig...

  19. Akta miasta Otwocka

    • Files of the town of Otwock

    The collection contains i.a. regulations and general orders concerning matters such as forced labour and resettlement of the Jews, taxes, materials connected with the expropriation of Jewish real estate in the “Aryan” quarter by a special administrative office, and many documents related to statistics, population records and control, lists of real properties, a personnel list of the Getto-Polizei and instructions for it, and a range of official letters and correspondence on matters concerning the Jews of Otwock. The body of material is relatively extensive and thus sufficient to reconstruct...