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Holding Institution: Státní okresní archiv Opava
  1. Sicherheitsdienst (Security Service) of Opava

    The fonds comprises only reports of domestic inspections in flats and commercial premises of the Jewish community in Opava and proposals for measures with seized Jewish property from the last quarter of 1938.

  2. Landrat (District Councillor) of Opava

    The fonds represents one of the basic resources for the history of the administrative district of Opava during the period of occupation. It is an important resource in the study of the political, administrative, national, economic, social, cultural and educational conditions in the district of Opava in the years of 1938–1945. The Jewish issues are explicitly related to by the following documents: the Aryanisation of Jewish businesses from the years of 1939–1941 (inventory no. 381), list of Jewish writers and authors-emigrants from Nazi Germany (inventory no. 404), instructions to arrest Jew...