Archival Descriptions

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Holding Institution: Státní okresní archiv Klatovy
  1. Landrat (District Councillor) of Železná Ruda

    The fonds was created during the period of Nazi occupation of border areas of the Domažlice and Klatovy districts and their integration into the system of German administration in 1938-1945. These areas formed Landkreis (district office), which was administered by the Landrat (district councillor) in Železná Ruda. The relevant archival documents include the following: The police agenda contains demolition of synagogues in 1939 (inv. No. 123), the agriculture and forestry agenda contain the temporary administration of Czech and Jewish land from 1938 to 1944 (inv. No. 301).

  2. Amtsgericht (District Court) of Kašperské Hory

    The fonds contains documents of judicial administration from judicial districts of Kašperské Hory, Sušice and Hartmanice, attached to Germany in the years 1938–1945. The agenda of the Office for Debt Relief contains, among others, lists of Jews, in the years 1940–1941 (box No. 65, No. 10).