Holding Institution: Kazerne Dossin: Mémorial, Musée et Centre de Documentation sur l’Holocauste et les Droits de l’Homme / Kazerne Dossin: Memoriaal, Museum en Documentatiecentrum over Holocaust en Mensenrechten
  1. Newspapers and periodics. Original specimen or series of newspapers and periodics related to Jewry, anti-semitism, Holocaust, etc. published during interbellum and World War II. Collection.

    Specimen and series of newspapers, periodics and loose cuttings published before, during and after the Second World War. The collection consists of originals and copied versions and covers a wide range of subjects: anti-Semitism, the persecution of Jews and Gypsies, genocide, negationism, etc.

  2. "Association des Juifs en Belgique" (AJB - Jewish Council). Front de l'Indépendance (FI). Archives.

    Archives of the Association of Jews in Belgium : correspondences, various lists (employees of the Association, Organisation Todt workers, persons summoned to Mechelen, packages to Kazerne Dossin, exchange of letters), documents belonging to the Education department, Mediation department, the department Assistance to Mechelen, Benevolence department, Emigration department and other departments.

  3. "Association des Juifs en Belgique" (AJB - Jewish Council). Institut Martin Buber. Archives.

    Archive of the Association of Jews in Belgium (AJB) entrusted by the Belgian Israelic Consistory and the Martin Buber Institute to Kazerne Dossin. The original AJB archives relate to German decrees, but also contain lists of employees, general correspondence, financial information, registration of Jewish families, distribution of yellow stars, delivery of food parcels to the SS-Sammellager Mecheln, management of the Jewish orphanages and schools under nazi control, memberships, mediations for arrested Jews, comptability, lists of employees, reports, correspondences on forced labour issues, ...

  4. Photos catalogued and digitized by Kazerne Dossin. Collection.

    Collection of catalogued original and digitized photographs from public and private collections, documenting Jewish life and famiy life, persecuted and/or victims etc. The collections comprise both originals entrusted to Kazerne Dossin and digitized photographs from public and private collections.

  5. "Räumung". File cards regarding the clearance of Jewish houses in Antwerp. Series.

    Index cards referring to the spoliation files of Jewish houses in Antwerp. Each index card mentions the name, adress, date of spoliation, and file number. The cards are a finding aid to the actual extended files, which are missing since the war.

  6. Special prints. Collection.

    • Propaganda, underground press etc…) digitized and preserved by Kazerne Dossin.

    Digitized printed materials such as pamphlets, posters, books, underground press, etc. from the Kazerne Dossin collections and library, and private collections on Belgium and Holocaust related items. Pre 1945 publications often document escalating anti-semitism. Publications from 1945-1950 show a.o. the first biographies of survivors.

  7. "Reliques/Relieken". Series.

    The collection of relics comprises 3,048 envelopes containing personal documents confiscated by the SS camp administration upon the deportees’ arrival at the barracks. The documents range from photographs to letters, ID cards, diplomas, marriage certificates, etc. belonging primarily to 4,250 individuals and families deported via Transport XX until XXVI.

  8. "Jodenregister van Sint-Jans-Molenbeek - Registre des Juifs de Molenbeek-Saint-Jean (Brussels)". Registration of Jews and selection of documents from municipal archives related to the registration.

    KD15_1. Circular letters concerning the registration (19 scans). KD15_2. Jewish Register. 554 scans of forms mentioning : surname, first names, date and place of birth, profession, nationality, religion and also name, date and place of birth and religion of the spouse, the parents, the grandparents and the children, date of arrival in Belgium, the country of immigration, address, date and place of registration, and the person’s signature. KD15_3. Alphabetical typed survey of registered Jews: names, place and date of birth, profession, adress (10 scans). KD15_4. Handwritten list of registere...

  9. Johannes Blum collection of video-interviews and digitized documentation.

    Collection of 1,155 video interviews of survivors, resistance fighters, anti fascists and hidden children in Belgium and North France by Johannes Blum. Most interviews generated a file of mostly copied documents: letters, postcards, pictures, ID documents, articles, etc. This documentation is partly digitized (33,000 images on 25-11-2014).

  10. Give them a face. Collection of portraits of deportees from Kazerne Dossin.

    21,000 digitized and identified portraits of Belgian related Jews and Gypsies deported from Kazerne Dossin or France.


    127 parcels (envelopes, boxes, folders, …) with correspondences, smaller items, ID- and private documents, pictures, accounting documents…

  12. SINGER, Isaak. Collection.

    Collection of certificates of migration from Poland, birth, marriage, work in Berlin, insurances, candidature for migration to palestine, Belgian ID-cards with portraits, passport, support from Hoeselt of SINGER, Isaak (Chrzanow, 19-08-1902) and ROSENZWEIG, Rosalia (Berlin, 15-12-1906).

  13. Zonhoven registration of Jews. Series of registration forms.

    12 registration forms with portraits attached of 19 Jews exiled from Antwerp to Zonhoven (prov. Limburg).The forms contain the following data: surname, first names, date and place of birth, nationality, profession, religion, grandparents, parents, children, date of arrival in Belgium and the successive addresses. KD_00020_000038;;;;_ 33 ;BERGGRUN, ;Esther; (Neu-Sandez, ;20-06-1885) 01; FELDBERG;, Frima; (Plaucza,;10-11-1875) 20; GOLDBERG;, Gesia; (Tarnobrzeg, ;21-07-1905) 17; GOTTESMANN;, Debora; (Wenen;, 05-03-1915) 01; GOTTLIEB;, Moses; (Narajow;, 15-11-1875) 05; GOUCHAU, ;Jean; (Rouvroy,...

  14. SCHMITT, Armand. Collection.

    Digitized copy of 49 letters and postcards sent by nuns of Institut Enfant Jésus in Ciney to mother, SCHMITT, Rosy and sister Rachel, of Armand SCHMITT hidden in their institute; 45 pictures of the nuns, the convent and of Armand with his parents.

  15. BLITZ, Joseph. Collection.

    Digitized copy of birth certificate; xerox of documents by Auschwitz State Museum concerning BLITZ Joseph; certificates of rapatriation with portraits; school class pictures Jesode Hatora (Antwerpen) 1923 and 1938; annotations and research by Laurence Schram.

  16. MEYER, Dagobert. Series of drawings from Kazerne Dossin.

    Digitized colores copy of 24 caricatural drawings showing the Jewish personal in Kazerne Dossin how to behave, realised by the Jewish artists of the "MALERSTUBE" .

  17. List of deportees from Kazerne Dossin. Database.

    List of names of deportees from Kazerne Dossin to Auschwitz a.o. camps.

  18. SCHIFF, Moyszes. Collection.

    Digitized copy of portraits of SCHIFF, Moyszes and his wife TEMPLER, Rywa; FISCHLER, Wolf and his wife Chenke; certificates of birth and death; Family tree.

  19. Album photographique de membres des services de police allemands et de suspects de crimes de guerre. Auditorat général royaume de Belgique.

    Digitized copy of an album by Belgian military authorities with list and portraits of german police forces (Sipo, GFP...) serving in Brussels, suspected of war crimes : names, place and/or date of birth, service, portrait if available.