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Country: Croatia
Holding Institution: Državni arhiv u Splitu
  1. Kotarski narodno-oslobodilački odbor Split

    • National Liberation Committee of Split
  2. Jugoslavenski zbjeg u Italiji

    • Yugoslav Refugees to Italy
  3. Jugoslavenski zbjeg u Egiptu

    • Yugoslav Refugees to Egypt

    Fleeing the German offensive in late 1943 and early 1944, when Germany occupied Dalmatia, a large number of civilians (over 30,000), fearing reprisals, took refuge on the island of Vis. As Vis already housed the General Staff of the Partisan army and the allied British army, it was not able to accept and feed so many people. Therefore it was decided that the non-combatant population of the island be evacuated as refugees to South Italy, first to Bari and then to Taranto. Refugees mostly consisted of people from the Makarska area (around 6000), as well as from Vodice, the islands of Hvar, Vi...

  4. Gradska komisija za ispitivanje zločina okupatora i njihovih pomagača

    • City Committee for the Investigation of Crimes Committed by the Occupiers and Their Helpers
  5. Vlada za Dalmaciju/ Talijanska okupaciona uprava

    • R. Governo della Dalmatia
    • Italian Administration - Dalmatian Government

    In April 1941, during World War II, the Independent State of Croatia came into being, backed by Fascist Italy (where most Ustasha lived during the 1930s, as they were anti-royalist Yugoslavia in the inter-war period) and Nazi Germany. A month later, large sections of Dalmatia were annexed by the Kingdom of Italy (in the Governatorato di Dalmazia), with the rest being formally left to the Independent State of Croatia, though it was in fact occupied by Italian forces which later supported Chetniks in Serb-populated areas. Many Croats from Dalmatia joined the resistance movement led by Tito's ...

  6. Židovska općina Split

    • Jewish community of Split
  7. Okružni narodno-oslobodilački odbor srednje Dalmacije

    • The County Committee of the People's Liberation Army for Central Dalmatia
  8. Glavarstvo građanske uprave za Dalmaciju u Splitu

    • The Civil Administration for Dalmatia in Split
  9. Okružna komisija za ispitivanje zločina okupatora i njihovih pomagača srednje Dalmacije Split

    • • The County Committee for Investigating Crimes Committed by the Occupying Forces and Their Helpers in Central Dalmatia Split

    The various County Commissions on Establishing the Crimes of the Occupying Forces and Their Local Helpers during the war were established throughout Croatia, as well as the region of Dalmatia, following the end of the war. Direct perpetrators (1945/1946) were usually tried in ad hoc trials and executed. The controversy of trials in the immediate after-war period unfortunately sometimes overshadowed the anti-fascist victory.