Archival Descriptions

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Holding Institution: Beit Lohamei Haghetaot Archives/ בית לוחמי הגטאות
  1. The Adolf Abraham Berman Collection: Polish-Jewish Underground Welfare Activity in Occupied Warsaw and Outlying Cities and in Camps, 1943–1945

    The Adolf Abraham Berman collection contains underground press and publications and official press printed after the failure of the Polish uprising; official and forged personal documents; overviews, reports, correspondences, radio broadcasts transcripts, operation and work plans, orders, order of battle and casualty lists; diaries, memoirs, testimonies, speeches, essays and manifestos; aid requests and financial support confirmations and receipts. The collection also contains material related to the Kielce pogrom of July 1946.

  2. The Itzhak Katzenelson Collection

    The collection contains the works of poet and educator Itzhak Katzenelson, based on periods in his life and crucial events from the early 20th C. through and including the Holocaust. Materials include manuscripts of plays, prose works, and poetry; his correspondence with figures in the spheres of culture, education and literature; his letters to family members; and more. Scope: The collection has four chronological divisions: (a) his pre-war writings and correspondence; (b) his Warsaw ghetto works; (c) his Vittel camp works; (d) correspondence about the fate of Katzenelson and about his wr...

  3. The Mauritius Exile Collection

    The collection includes items created by the would-be immigrant refugees en route from Europe to Mandate Palestine, in detention at Haifa and Atlit, en route to Mauritius and as exiles while interned in detention camps there. artifacts, photographs, documents, letters, and artworks. Content includes: artifacts, mainly decorative items and utensils, toys, games, jewelry and souvenirs, handcrafted of local materials such as wood, shell, and fiber; photographs of individuals, groups, events, architectural and natural sites, and documentary photos of their journeys; documents such as diaries, p...

  4. The Alfred Schwarzbaum Collection

    Alfred Schwazrbaum has been called a "one man aid and rescue operation". The GFH Schwarzbaum collection holds hundreds of documents, including letters and postcards sent to Schwarzbaum from Poland and from Jews living outside Poland, asking him for help or inquiring about relatives in Poland, receipts for parcel deliveries and correspondences with Jews in Poland and elsewhere.

  5. The Benjamin Tenenbaum (Tene) collection: testimonies of child survivors of the Holocaust

    The GFH Tenenbaum collection includes hundreds of unedited testimonies of Holocaust survivor children, collected in 1946 and 1947 in Poland and Germany. Some eighty of the testimonies were published in his book "One of a City and Two of a Family". However, as Tenenbaum himself admitted, they were edited, and carried some bias in favor of Zionism and the USSR. The GFH collection holds hundreds of unedited testimonies in Russian, Polish and Yiddish. The material has been fully catalogued, indexed and scanned. For further information, see Cohen, Boaz. “The Children’s Voice: Postwar Collection ...