Archival Descriptions

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Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Holding Institution: Arhiv Hercegovačko-neretvanske županije/kantona
  1. Narodnooslobodilački odbor za Hercegovinu

    • People's Liberation Commitee for Herzegovina

    Contains records of reorganisation of Regional committee, invites for members to Third ZAVNOBiH conference, monetary changes, population supply issues, personnel files, etc. Part of the fond is the material of "Okružna uprava narodnih dobara" (The Office for Regional Management of public property), which contains information about confiscated property.

  2. Hercegovački Okružni Narodni odbor Mostar

    • Herzegovina Regional People's Committee Mostar

    Records contain data of Communist government in the region (Mostar, Trebinje, Bileća, Gacko, Nevesinje, Stolac, Konjic, Čapljina, Ljubinje, Ljubuški, Posušje i Široki Brijeg) during and after World War 2 and the aftermath of the Holocaust.

  3. Sudbeni stol u Mostaru

    • The Court of Mostar

    Court documentation, missing persons or deceased persons declarations, etc.

  4. Zbirka partizanskih dokumenata

    • Collection of Partisan records

    Includes records created by Communist authoriries, Communist Party and other social-political organizations in Herzegovina during Second World War. Contains reports of regional committee, reports regarding the situation in Herzegovina, minutes from meetings of local Communist Party branches, orders and reports of headquarters and Partisan units, propaganda material, etc.

  5. Zbirka podataka o poginulim i nastradalim u toku II svjetskog rata na području opštine Mostar

    • Collection about killed and maimed during Second World War in Mostar municipality

    The fond contains records collected in 1952. and includes information about deceased and killed persons during the Second World War from the area of Mostar's county. Data includes names and surnames, places and dates of birth, location and circumstances of arrest (if any), place and circumstance of death, participation in Partisan units, etc.

  6. Zbirka ustaško-domobranskih dokumenata

    • Collection of Ustasha and Domobran documents

    Documentation created by the authorities of the Independent State of Croatia and Ustasha and domobran (militia) military units in the period 1941-1945. Contains reports of Ministries of the Independent State of Croatia regarding political and military circumstances, reports of Italian military missions and their deployment, details about policies and orders, conflicts with Chetnik forces, reports of police/militia stations, details regarding the activities of Communist "rebels", lists of arrested persons, minutes from interrogations of arrestees, etc.

  7. Zbirka četničkih dokumenata

    • Collection of Chetnik records

    Records were created by Chetnik military units and authorities in Herzegovina from 1941 to 1945. Chetnik groups were involved in civil war against Communist Partisans and acted as collaborators of German and Italian forces. Includes reports and orders of Chetnik HQ for eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, military action information, arrests, reports about political situation in Herzegovina, status of Chetnik units, reports of intelligence officers, etc.