Archival Descriptions

Country: Luxembourg close
Holding Institution: Centre de Documentation et de Recherche sur la Résistance close
  1. Consistoire Israélite

    • Israelite Consistory

    The fonds Consistoire Israélite is in the Documentation and Research Centre on the Resistance in Luxembourg organized into 39 folders: 1. Commissioner for Repatriation; 2. Red Cross; 3. Oberrabiner Serebrenik; 4. Emigration; 5. Folder ESRA 1945-1948; 6. 1941-1943, correspondence; 7. Altspinnstoffabgabe June 1942; 8. 1946 correspondence A; 9. 1946 correspondence B; 10. 1946 correspondence C; 11. 1946 correspondance D; 12. Pelz- und Wollaktion 1942 I; 13. Pelz- und Wollaktion 1942 II; 14. researches I; 15. researches II; 16. Altersheim Fünfbrunnen bills erection of barracks; 17. researches 19...

  2. Consitoire israélite

    • Jüdische Gemeinde
    • Jewish Community

    The copied part of the fonds Consitoire israélite from the National Archives in Luxembourg which is in the Documentation and Research Centre on the Resistance available consists out of series 5 to 15. These series deal with Confiscations of Jewish property, the correspondence with other Jewish communities abroad: Trier, Frankurt/Main and Cologne (Germany), Izbice (Poland) and Charleroi (Belgium) and the correspondence with the economical administration (Wirtschaftsamt).