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Over 850,000 photographs.

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The Photograph collection of the USHMM is of great interest to this guide. Searching on keywords such as “Belgium”, “Belgique”, “Brussels”, “Antwerp” … yields more than 3500 results. Among the photographs we find images of political organisations (i.a. the Bund, Poale Zion, other Zionist organisations), youth movements (i.a. Gordonia, Hashomer Hatzair) and religious organisations (i.a. Brit Kanaim); of synagogues and other religious buildings; of Jewish schools, teachers and students; of the ‘refugee question’ in Belgium (i.a. the MS St. Louis, the refugee camp in Marneffe); of Jewish children hidden during the war; the private homes or catholic institutions where they were hidden; of rescuers of Jews; of the concentration camp of Breendonk; of soldiers of the Jewish Brigade; of the La Ramée agricultural school after the war; … We also note many images depicting scenes of daily life in the Belgian Jewish communities before the Second World War, family portraits, etc.

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