Concentration Camp Horrors

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  • RG-91.1993
1 Jan 1980 - 31 Dec 1980
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Side A, Track 1, BBC Radio Newsreel Overseas Service. May 5, 1945. 15.31 Mc. Interviews with the British soldiers who liberated Belsen Concentration Camp, recordings made inside the camp with Robert Gordon Walker, BBC correspondent. Side B, Track 1, WOR Newsreel. April 24, 1945. Mutual net. Interview with a liberated G.I., an ex-prisoner of the Nazis. A description of prison conditions in Germany. Side B, Track 2, Released American Prisoners. April 28, 1945. Mutual net. Paul Killiam from Camp Kilmer, New Jersey, interviewing soldiers who have just returned to the United States from Nazi Prison Camps. Side B, Track 3, WOR Newsreel. April 27, 1945. Mutual net. Sigrid Schultz in Germany reports on the Ravensbruck Concentration Camp for Women. Note the woman's touch as the uniforms of the women S.S. guards are described! Side B, Track 4, BBC Radio Newsreel. May 9, 1945. Programme #1769. "Victory in Europe" report by R. J. Montgomery. "I Spent V-Day in Dachau." Shortwave recording made in the U.S.A. from the BBC Overseas Service. Side B, Track 5, Edward R. Murrow. April 15, 1945. Pool feed from London. Graphic description of his visit to Buchenwald. The heterodyne whistle throughout half of this recording was caused by shortwave interference from a transmission on another frequency while Mr. Murrow was on the


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