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  1. Stopford´s action

    • Stopfordova akce


    After the signment of the Munich agreement in 1938 the British government decided to provide financial support (officially it was a loan for the Czechoslovak government) to refugees and emmigrants from former Czechoslovakia to other states. A person charged with care about matters of refugees was a british clerk Robert J. Stopford. British government gave about 4 millions pounds. Untill March 1939 this financial aid was given about 12.000 emigrants who than moved to Palestine, United States and Great Britain.

  2. Council for German Jewry

    • CFGJ

    Founded in 1936

    The Council for German Jewry was a British Jewish organization established in 1936 to help German Jews leave Germany. British Jewish leaders instituted the Council for German Jewry in response to the racial Nuremberg Laws of 1935; they designed an emigration plan whereby 100,000 German Jews aged 17-35 could leave Germany in an organized manner. Half were to move to Palestine, and half to other countries. The CFGJ also hoped that another 100,000 German Jews would emigrate without their help. The American Joint Distribution Committee formally joined the council in 1936-08. The CFGJ was never ...

  3. Gruenbaum Yizhak

    • Gruenbaum, Isaak Icek, 1879-1970
    • Grinboym, Yitsḥaḳ, 1879-1970
    • Gruenbaum, Isaac, 1879-1970
    • Gruenbaum, Itzhak, 1879-1970
    • Gruenbaum, Yiẓḥak 1879-1970
    • ...




  4. Riegner Gerhard



    Head of Genfer Geschäftsstelle des WJC (1939-48). Passed information on the murder on European Jews to the British and American governments

  5. Karski Jan

    • Karski, Jan, 1914-2000
    • Kozielewski-Karski, Jan, 1914-2000
    • Witold 1914-2000 Pseudonym
    • Kozielewski, Jan 1914-2000 Wirklicher Name
    • コジェレフスキ, ヤン
    • ...



    Resistance fighter. Member of the Polish underground, courier to the Polish Government-in-exile, slipped twice into the Warsaw ghetto in 1942 and subsequently made his way to London and the US to report on the deplorable conditions he witnessed. Righteous gentile.

  6. Raeder Erich

    • Raeder, Erich
    • Raeder, Erich, 1876-1960
    • Raeder, E. (Erich), 1876-1960
    • Raeder, Erich.
    • Raeder, E.
    • ...



    Grand Admiral in the German Navy until retirement in 1941