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  1. Selected records from the British Colonial Office : Confidential general and confidential original correspondence files on Palestine

    Contains confidential records relating to the distribution of immigration certificates to Jews in DP camps in Germany, the rate of immigration, illegal immigration, and files relating to the formation of a Jewish fighting force in Palestine.

  2. Asch Family Papers

    1. Nestor Winters collection

    Contains two letters from the Association of Jewish Refugees in Great Britain, informing Mrs. C. Asch of London that members of the Asch family have been liberated in Theresienstadt and have returned to Berlin, August-September 1945.

  3. Johnson, Peter: Records of The Hyphen Social Club and other papers

    Papers of Peter Johnson, 1940-1987, comprising records of 'The Hyphen' social club including constitution, management committee minutes and agendas, accounts; lecture texts; newsletters; programmes of events; play scripts and correspondence and papers relating to Hildesheim, Lower Saxony including typescript list of Jews in the area, 1945; de-nazification questionnaire; list of former Nazis and papers regarding the use of German airmen in Britain.

  4. Winter, Josephine (fl 1938-1942): Papers relating to emigration (microfilm)

    This collection comprises 2 deposits: correspondence between a commercial counsellor at the British Embassy, Berlin, and the secretary of the North of England local industrial development organisation; and the papers of Josephine Winter and her husband, Austrian Jewish immigrants to Great Britain including an inventory of possessions, instructions on how aliens should behave in Great Britain; guidelines on how to prepare children prior to despatch on 'Kindertransport'.

  5. Control Office for Germany and Austria and Foreign Office, Control Commission for Germany (British Element), Prisoners of War/Displaced Persons Division (FO 1052). Selected records.

    Selected records of British Public Record Office fond FO 1052. Contains records relating to Jewish displaced persons, British DP policy, education and training programs for Jewish DPs, and information regarding emigration to Palestine (Operation "Grand National").

  6. Selected records from the Foreign Office and Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Embassy and Consulate, Sweden: General Correspondence (FO 188)

    Contains general correspondence and reports from the British Embassy and Consulate in Sweden relating to the persecution of Jews and forced labor in Norway, the position of Hungarian Jews, German propaganda in Sweden, Jewish refugees and Swedish assistance, and illegal immigration.

  7. Selected Records from the Foreign Office: Embassy and Consulates, United States of America: General Correspondence (FO 115)

    Contains general correspondence from the Embassy and Consulates of the United States of America relating to Jews, the sale in Argentina of exit permits for Jews in Nazi Germany, the evacuation of Jewish refugees from occupied Europe in 1944, and illegal immigration.

  8. Selected general correspondence of the British Consulate in Panama (FO 288)

    Contains general correspondence from the British Consulate in Panama relating to illegal immigration into Palestine.

  9. Selected records from the Foreign Office and Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Protocols of Treaties, United States of America (FO 93)

    Contains records from the Office of the Protocols of Treaties, United States relating to an exchange of notes to set up a joint Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry on Palestine December 10, 1945.