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  1. Central British Fund for Germany Jewry. Agreement.

    Contains a printed legal form from the Central British Fund for German Jewry, four pages, spelling out the relationship between the Central British Fund and those who would act as guarantors to bring persecuted Jews from Germany to the United Kingdom. Undated, circa 1933-1939.

  2. Swiss Federal Archives records

    Contains files concerning control of Jewish and other refugees coming into Switzerland; on activities of Swiss-Jewish rescue and charity organizations; on Swiss legations in various European countries reporting on relevant matters; on communications of the United States, Great Britain, and Germany; on establishment and operation of labor camps and homes for refugees, and the like. It includes material on Jewish self-help organizations in Switzerland, Jewish communities in Switzerland, and labor camps for Jews in Switzerland. Includes approximately 3,500 case files from the child refugee aid...

  3. Correspondence with Ainsztein, Reuben

    1. Wiener Library Archive: Pre-1963 Correspondence

    The correspondence documents Ainsztein’s long-term freelance work for The Wiener Library, primarily by contributing numerous pieces - articles, reviews, summaries - to its Bulletin. Moreover, work related fees are subject of some letters.

  4. Correspondence with Anglo-German Educational Reconstruction (G.E.R.)

    1. Wiener Library Archive: Pre-1963 Correspondence

    Correspondence concerning the dissolution of G. E. R. and the options of providing The Wiener Library with parts of the remaining archival material.

  5. Correspondence with Council for the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Jews from Germany

    1. Wiener Library Archive: Pre-1963 Correspondence

    The correspondence documents the everyday business between The Wiener Library and the London based Council including birthday wishes, the lending of books, the purchase of images, and primarily the exchange of published and unpublished material. Beside letters it contains á copy of the Council’s internal newsletters and a printed, not dated image of Sigmund Freud.

  6. Correspondence with Bonn, Moritz Julius

    1. Wiener Library Archive: Pre-1963 Correspondence

    Comprising handwritten and typewritten letters the correspondence concerns an article Bonn had authored for The Wiener Library Bulletin, and the approach of influential individuals in West Germany, including its president Theodor Heuss.

  7. Correspondence with Eisemann, Heinrich

    1. Wiener Library Archive: Pre-1963 Correspondence

    Correspondence about Eisemann’s advice for the Wiener Library regarding the receipt or purchase of Judaica. This includes among others a collection of items and papers related to the Mendelssohn family. Contained is also an enquiry by Eisemann for background information on an undated typescript of an Albert Einstein speech, which he had recently acquired.

  8. Albert and Robert Gomperts. Letter

    Letter sent by brothers Albert and Robert (Bob) Gompers to their uncle and aunt Jules and Jet Boas in Canada after the brothers had been able to flee from Belgium to Great-Britain during the German invasion. The letter contains information regarding family members left behind in Belgium and the Netherlands during the first weeks of May 1940.

  9. Anti-Nazi jokes

    Notebook containing hand-written, mostly anti-Nazi jokes in Suetterlin script, c1939, and a modern transcript of the same.

  10. File

    1. W.P. Crozier's Confidential Foreign Affairs Correspondence

    Manchester Guardian The file contains correspondence concerning negotiations to increase the number of Jewish refugees allowed into Palestine, the defence of Jewish settlements, and negotiations between the Jewish delegation and the British government at the Palestine Conferences. The rest of the file is largely concerned with the diplomatic tensions leading to the Second World War. This includes extensive hand-written notes by Crozier on events such as the White Paper of 1939, a potential Anglo-Polish alliance, pogroms in Poland and Hungary, and extensive negotiations between Britain and R...

  11. File

    1. W.P. Crozier's Confidential Foreign Affairs Correspondence

    Struma The file contains materials concerning France, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Palestine, Italy, Germany, Libya, Madagascar, Egypt, Spain, and Japan. There are materials relating to recruitment of Jewish soldiers in Palestine, the impact of the disaster, morale of British soldiers, the negotiation of Russia's borders after the war, the exchange of wounded soldiers between Britain and Italy, Jewish refugees in Palestine, and the persecution of Jews in Slovakia. The file contains correspondence of Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, Viscount Cranborne, Secretary of State for the Colonies, and reports about t...

  12. Fritz Blank letter

    Copy of a letter written by Fritz Blank, presumably in 1941, to a cousin, Martha. In the letter, Blank pleads for assistance to family members attempting to escape the Holocaust.

  13. Reuben family papers

    Contains correspondence and forms related to Mrs. E. Reubens, of Cardiff, Wales, and her efforts to assist Jewish displaced persons at the Bergen-Belsen refugee camp, 1945-1946. Includes pre-war correspondence regarding her involvement in Jewish organizations in Britain that sought to assist German-Jewish refugees, dated 1933-1938.