Državni arhiv u Karlovcu

  • State Archive, town of Karlovac
  • DAKA

Geographical and Cultural Context

For more on the life of Jews in Karlovac see a non-fiction book by Slavko Goldstein "1941 - the Year that Repeats Itself". Goldstein, born in the early 1920s gives an overview of life just before the war, and during the war when his father was taken away and killed. The family owned a bookstore/ stationery in the city centre.

Archival and Other Holdings

Holocaust related material is to be found in the "Gradsko poglavarstvo' collections (city administration) for, roughly, the years 1936 -1947 (from the first influx of Austrian / German Jewish refugees until after the war and the Committee for establishing the crimes of occupiers and their helpers).

Opening Times

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