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  1. Questura di Firenze

  2. Prefettura di Firenze

  3. Luftwaffe

    • Armed Air Wing

    The Luftwaffe was the German Air Force in World War II, headed by Hermann Goering.

  4. Reichsluftfahrtministerium

    • State Ministery of Aviation
    • RLM

    Founded in 1933-04-29

    On 1933-04-29 the 'State Commissioner's Department for Aviation' was converted to the Reichsluftfahrtministerium with Göring as Minister and Milch as Staatssekretär.

  5. Oswald Mosley

    British fascist leader.

  6. Otto Dietrich

    31 August 1897 - 22 November 1952

  7. Bormann Martin

    • Bormann, Martin 1900-1959?
    • Bormann, Martin, 1900-1945?
    • Borman, Martin, 1900-1945
    • Bormann, Martin
    • ボアマン, マルティン



    Leiter (Head) of Polizeikanzlei of the NSDAP in a rank of a Reichsminister. One of the people closest to Hitler. Suicide.

  8. Heß Rudolf

    • Hess, Rudolf
    • Hess, Rudolf, 1894-1987
    • Hess, Walter Richard Rudolf, 1894-1987
    • Hess, Richard Walter Rudolf, 1894-1987
    • Hīs, Rūdulf 1894-1987
    • ...



    Stellvertreter des Führers (StdF).

  9. Goebbels Joseph

    • Goebbels, Joseph, 1897-1945
    • Goebbels, Paul Joseph, 1897-1945
    • Goebbels, Josef, 1897-1945
    • Gkaimpels, Paoul Giozeph, 1897-1945
    • Gebbelʹs, Ĭosef 1897-1945
    • ...



    Reichsmininster for Volksaufklärung and Propaganda, Gauleiter of Berlin, one of the people closest to Hitler.

  10. NSDAP-Reichsleitung

    • NSDAP Directorate

    The NSDAP-Reichsleitung in Munich strictly prohibited involvement by overseas Party cells in the domestic affairs of their host countries. Regulations were enacted that governed the conduct of the individual Party member abroad and specifically banned the public display of swastikas and the wearing of uniforms outside of closed meetings.

  11. Государственный архив новейшей истории Белгородской области

    • State Archives of Contemporary History of Belgorod Oblast
    • GANIBO

    History of the Archive began in 1954 when the Belgorod Oblast Party Archive was created. In the years 1960-1965 archive had obtained Communist Party documents from Kursk and Voronezh Party Archives from the years 1918-1953 and became one party archive of the newly established Belgorod Oblast. In the 1991 Archive was reorganized into the Center of the Documentation of Contemporary History of the Belgorod Oblast. In 2010 Archive was again reorganized and from that time it holds its current name State Archives of Contemporary History of Belgorod Oblast (OGKU "GANIBO").

  12. Ministero dell'Interno

    • Ministry of Interior
  13. Государственный архив Новгородской области

    • State Archive of Novgorod Oblast
    • Gosudarstvennyi arkhiv Novgorodskoy oblasti

    Archive was established in 1919 as the Archive of the Novgorod Gubernya. In 1922 it was reorganized into the Novgorod Branch of the Central Gubernial Archive of the Russian Federal Soviet Republic. In 1930 it was reorganized into the Novgorod Branch of the Leningrad Oblast Archive and in 1932 into the Novgorod Branch of Leningrad Oblast Archival Authority. In 1944, due to the administration reform of the Soviet State, it became State Archive of the Novgorod Oblast.

  14. Центральный государственный архив Санкт-Петербурга

    • Central State Archive of St. Petersburg
    • Tsentralnyi gosudarstvennyi arkhiv Sankt-Peterburga

    Archive of the October Revolution (first predecessor of the current archive) was created in the years 1925-1927 in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). Its task was to collect documents relating to the contemporary history of the city and its region from 1917 and following years. In 1936 Archive obtained status of separate institution as the Leningrad Archive of the October Revolution. In 1941 Archive was enlarged by the other provincial archives from the region and the local archive of the Red Army. During the Second World War and in 1950s archive obtained also valuable documents related to the war...

  15. Comune di Mantova

    • Mantua Municipality
  16. Comunità ebraica di Mantova

    • Mantua Jewish Community
  17. Comitato di Liberazione Nazionale di Mantova e Provincia

    • Mantua and District Area National Liberation Committee
  18. Комиссия по истории Великой Отечественной войны

    • Academy of Sciences Commission for the History of the Great Patriotic War
    • Mints Commission
    • Комиссия Минца

    Свою деятельность Комиссия по истории Великой Отечественной войны начала в декабре 1941 г. как Комиссия по истории обороны Москвы. В некоторых республиках и областях (Белоруссия, Украина, Одесская, Свердловская области и др.) были образованы аналогичные комиссии. Но уже к осени 1942 г. возникла потребность в создании общесоюзного координационного научно-методического центра по собиранию документальных свидетельств о войне по всем крупным регионам страны.

  19. Сорокская городская примэрия

    • Сорокская городская примэрия
  20. Лапушинская уездная палата торговли и промышленности

    • Lapusna District Chamber of Commerce and Industry