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Language of Description: Dutch
  1. Ministerie van Justitie. Openbare Veiligheid (of Staatsveiligheid). Vreemdelingenpolitie

    • Ministère de la Justice. Sûreté de l'Etat. Police des Etrangers
    • Ministère de la Justice. Administration de la Sûreté Publique. Police des Etrangers
    • Belgian Ministry of Justice. State Security Service. Police Corps in charge of the Foreigners
  2. Dienst voor Economische Recuperatie

    • Office de récupération économique
    • Belgian Office for Economic Recovery
  3. Germaansche SS

    • Germaanse SS
    • Nederlandsche SS
    • Germaansche SS in Nederland

    Dutch SS. The Nederlandsche SS was created on 11 september 1940. It changed it name on 1 november 1942 to Germaansche SS in Nederland.

  4. Vrijwilligerslegioen Nederland

    • Freiwilligenlegion Niederlande


    Dutch volunteers to fight with the Nazi's on the East-front

  5. Nederlandse Unie

    24 July 1940 - December1941