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  1. Jewish community - Drama

  2. Komisarstvo Evreyskite Vaprosi

    • Commissariat for Jewish Questions
    • KEV

    Founded in 1940

    The Bulgarian government created in 1940 the Komisarstvo Evreyskite Vaprosi to implement and oversee Jewish policies. The KEV was headed by Alexander Belev, an attorney just returned from Germany, where he had studied the Nuremberg Laws to help write the Zakon ze Zashtita na Natziata (Law for the Protection of the Nation). The KEV was funded by property stolen from Jews.

  3. Municipal Council - Bansko

  4. Asen Grigorov Suitchmezov

  5. Ministry of War - Bulgaria

  6. Jewish Community - Varna

  7. Police Command - Haskovo